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wentworth landscaping

A well landscaped property provides the greatest return on investment of any renovation you will add to your home.  Clemson University found that homes with “excellent” landscaping can expect a sale price 6% to 7% higher than an equivalent house with “good” landscaping.

Money Magazine states that landscaping can bring a recovery of 100% – 200% at selling time. By comparison, kitchen remodelling brings a 75% – 125% recovery rate, and bathroom remodelling a 20% – 120% recovery rate.

It’s important to think about the front garden when selling your home. Landscaping plays a vital role in establishing the right curb appeal that reflects your personal taste and style.

It’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. Done well, it coveys a sense of welcome and elegance that can increase your home’s perceived value by up to 7%. Simple things like a healthy lawn can bring some of the biggest bang for your buck. Implementing a lawn care program, including feeding it with regular fertilizer applications, rejuvenating the turf through overseeding or installing sod, can transform your property.

Improving the landscaping by adding trees, shrubs and planting beds offers beautiful curb appeal and the bonus is, they will increase in value over time. The key is to do it right!

wentworth landscaping
wentworth landscaping

Landscaping professionals have four-year degrees training them in design, horticulture, and architectural and civil engineering principles.

They are experts in designing outdoor living areas, as well irrigation, soils, and grading your property (a key element in keeping your home from flooding!) They know local by-laws and regulations, and can advise about safety, standards, and stability so that you invest wisely in your landscaping.

That way, your deck has the support it needs, your retaining wall last for decades, and your driveway pavers don’t sink under your tires over the winter.

The most compelling statement about quality landscaping today is that landscaping improves lifestyle. A well landscaped property offers more square footage of living space that draws you outside. For the first time ever, this generation of children are expected to live five years less than their parents due to indoor sedentary lifestyles that revolve around screen time.

Now, more than ever, there is a push to get back outside, connect with nature, and live healthier lives outdoors. You can see this in strong design trends like edible gardens, outdoor kitchens, and back garden ‘living rooms’.

REALTORS® ranked the following outdoor remodelling projects as the most likely to add value to a home at resale: landscape upgrade, new patio, new wooden deck, standard lawn care, and softscaping.

wentworth landscaping